Elouise Taylor WildArt Gallery The Watering Hole (click on a painting or title for a larger version)

   Early Morning Drink   (24" x 18")
A Bengal tiger crouches to drink before the torrid heat of the day sets in.

Lapping Lions  (36" x 60")    After a meal, this family of five lions share an afternoon imbibe.

    I See You   (16" x 20")
Hopefully, this tiger has had his dinner, because he's spotted you.

Elephant Charge  (36" x 24")    Dust swirls as mama and baby flee to safety, while a matriarch charges to ward off an intrusion.

   My Pool   (16" x 20")
Standing in a forest pool, a tiger tanks up for the day.

My Afternoon Dip  (18" x 24")    Tigers love to swim, as
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   Cool It   (24" x 30")
Buy it Now! Click Here      Cooling off, a tiger makes a few waves in this pristine jungle pool.

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