Elouise Taylor   

    Born September 17, 1923, in the San Francisco area, she is the daughter of  Dr. Charles Vincent Taylor, Dean of Biological Sciences at Stanford University. Elouise studied ballet from age 5 to age 17, and shortly thereafter joined Sonja Henie Hollywood Ice Review, a career (including movies) lasting more than a decade.

    Some of  her work displayed here illustrates the artistic rendering of Olympic and professional ice skaters at work. The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame acquired and proudly displays an original oil portrait by Elouise Taylor of Sonja Henie, with whom Elouise skated professionally on tour for ten years. To this day, Elouise skates as gracefully as ever.

    After raising three beautiful children, she has continued professionally as an artist specializing in wildlife and portraiture. Still working full time, Elouise continues to bless us with many fine works, some of which appear at this site.

     Elouise appreciates the art of motion and balance. This synergism of her knowledge of an animal's habits with the appreciation of its soul is beautifully expressed in her paintings.

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