Elouise Taylor WildArt Gallery Profiles (click on a painting or title for a larger version)

    Elephant Charge  (36" x 48")    Buy it Now! Click Here
Charging when threatened, this could be a close call.

Baby Elephant (22" x 28") 
This sweet baby is favored by the entire herd

   My Forest Home   (22" x 28")    Buy it Now! Click Here
Resting in the snow, this adult male Siberian tiger knows who the king of the forest is.

California Big Cat   (20" x 24")    Not endangered (yet), this California puma poses just long enough to be captured by Elouise Taylor's brush.

   Mischievous Bobcat   (16" x 20")
This incredible painting of a Bobcat seems like you could reach out and touch him.

California King   (24" x 18")    Also not endangered (yet), the California Mountain Lion has been accused of stalking joggers, so if you see one, don't run!

   The Eyes Have It   (18" x 24")   Buy it Now! Click Here
A shaft of light penetrates the forest canopy,  illuminating this puma,
who appears to be looking into the distance, beyond what we can see.

Charlie   (18" x 24")  This big cat's gaze seems to follow you as you move. A very uncanny feeling.

   Reflections   (22" x 28")
The evening sun casts its glow, highlighting this Florida puma.

Portrait of a Predator   (16" x 20")  Rare to be sure, this leopard seems to be posing. The deep azure background brings out the contrast and colors in this magnificent cat.

   Pronghorn Vigil   (18" x 24")
Alert to any threat,
this pronghorn antelope pauses in the snow, ears perked.

Bengal Sun  (20" x 40")  A tiger rests in the dry grass just as the sun illuminates the clearing.
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