Elouise Taylor WildArt Gallery People & Places (click on a painting or title for a larger version)

     The Ball Gown
(30" x 40")
Her reflection speaks in a silent language of the evening to come.

    Iris Garden
(24" x 30")
Georgia O'keefe loved irises and this painting explodes in an array of colorful blooms.
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    Winter's Glow
(11" x 14")
Winter's cold grip is warmed by the promise of spring.

    Green Glade
(18" x 24")
A sylvan setting becons delicately those who seek refuge.

    Taos Pueblo
(18" x 24")
A voice from the past speaks of ancient ways and places.

(24" x 30")
Sculpted by time and purpose, the badlands evolve.
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Undersea World

Undersea World
Where plants and animals fuse into complex dance.
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   Leaves in a Stream
(24" x 36")
Swept away in a parade of color, fall leaves.
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    El Dorado Sunset
(24" x 48")
The fading sun marks the end of another beautiful southwestern day.

   Plum Fulla Fuchsias   (24" x 36")
Hanging like lanterns in a violet hued sky, these fuchsia flowers beam an embracing glow.

At the Swim Meet   (24" x 30")     A perfect dive is reflected in this spectator's sunglasses.

   Pool With a View   (26.25" x 29.75")
Either dive in or land soon on runway ten right.

My Favorite Place   (20" x 30")    The afternoon sun casts its yellow gaze upon this ancient Etruscan dell.

   Undersea Garden   (22" x 28")
Unnoticed, a sea turtle swims by as a marine biologist carefully examines sea life on a coral reef.

Tarahumara Basket Girl   (20" x 20")    A pensive indian girl wonders- "Who will buy my beautiful baskets?"

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