Elouise Taylor WildArt Gallery The Hunt (click on a painting or title for a larger version)

On The Run (20" x 40")
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See spots run!

Cheetahs Three (30" x 40") 
Three siblings share close moments.

     Faces of a Pride
(24" x 36")
Evening brings togetherness in a family.

     Mule Deer (18" x 24")
The evening sun casts a warm hue on two wary mule deer.

   Moonlight Stealth   (40" x 20")
As the moon turns a limpid pool phosphorescent, an even more lustrous leopard steals by.

Moonlight Night Stalker   (24" x 36")    At the edge of a clearing, moonlight casts its revealing light on a mountain lion as it flows silently through the forest.

   Night Screamer   (36" x 36")
Resting on a branch, a puma senses a climax in the moment and snarls, asserting its claim on the night.

Tree Time   (30" x 40")    An ocelot takes to the trees, where a cooler breeze blows. But when the time comes to leave, this youngster finds himself lacking the knowledge of how to get down, and cries plaintively.

.   First Kill    (36" x 36")

Ravenous, these two young tigers continue the species by weeding out weak or dying prey.

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