Elouise Taylor WildArt Gallery The Den (click on a painting or title for a larger version)

   Up in the Clouds   (22" x 28")
Mama and cub clouded leopards await delivery of their feast.

The Baby Sitter   (20" x 24")    The sitter is tiring, but baby is full of vigor.

   Two Young   (18" x 36")
Sibling pumas on an escarpment share the moment, each in their own world.

Kids Will Be Kids   (20" x 20")    I'll ignore that for as long as I can, then you'd better watch out!

   Focused   (18" x 24")
Mama cheetah and cub seem to see the same thing, but from a totally different viewpoint.

Gareth's Embrace   (24" x 36")    Rescued and raised by Gareth, this lion knows the importance of a good friend. Gareth Patterson is the author of five books about lions, including Last of the Free, and its sequel, With My Soul Amongst Lions.

   She's All Legs   (24" x 36")
Startled by a twig breaking, mama cheetah stands, exposing legs designed for running.

Shady Baby   (24" x 30")    While mama pants, the only shade around is given to her cub.

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